LEGO The Legend of Zelda rumoured

A new rumour has popped up online suggesting that a LEGO The Legend of Zelda video game or product may be on the way.

The latest Nintendo Direct presentation was due to take place a few nights ago, in which the gaming giant was expected to reveal a slate of upcoming titles. A sizable earthquake that took place in Hokkaido, Japan, left many without electricity and has led to Nintendo delaying the presentation.

The Brick Fan reports that rumours suggest that part of this presentation would have revealed LEGO The Legend of Zelda, a new video game or products combining the LEGO franchise and the Zelda franchise. The Brick Fan notes that “the list didn’t specify if it is a new video game or LEGO sets”, so it is possible that it could have been physical sets, but given that nothing has leaked out so far, a game seems more likely.

A list floating around online has been somewhat debunked as some clearly fake titles are on there, but one game on the list seems to be accurate – so whether this LEGO The Legend of Zelda will come to pass is anyone’s guess.

It would be an unusual move for TT Games to partner with an existing gaming franchise, as typically the mash-ups tend to be with existing LEGO friendly IPs such as Star Wars and DC Comics. That said, Sonic the Hedgehog did turn up in LEGO Dimensions, so it is not completely without precedent.


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