LEGO US team reaches out to local day care centre

The LEGO Group’s US team recently took some time out to share the brick with children at a local day care centre where the company is designing a new play room.

In the USA, the LEGO Group has a headquarters in Enfield, Connecticut. Down the road is a day care centre run by Square One, where 30 representatives from the LEGO Group spent a day with 150 pre-school children.

“Playtime is a critical component of every child’s intellectual and social development,” Kristine Allard, Square One’s chief development and communications officer, told Mass Live Media. “Who better to demonstrate that than the experts from LEGO?”

Activities centred around each child having six 2×4 Duplo bricks that were used to build memory, movement and creativity skills. Children mimicked each designs from one another and used their imaginative to combine the bricks in different ways.

The LEGO Group is also designing, and will then install, a new playroom for the centre. Such outreach initiatives are not new for the LEGO Group, but the partnership with Square One is. Funds that the brick purveyors are providing will be used to help fund staff development.

“The Local Community Engagement programs allows employees to take working time to connect with and learn from our most important stakeholders, the children, all while developing themselves, their connection to play and playful learning and key workplace skills,” the LEGO Group said in a statement.


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