LEGO VIDIYO 43108 Bandmates Series 2 available now

LEGO VIDIYO 43108 Bandmates Series 2 is now available to order at, despite rumours claiming that the blind-boxed minifigures had been cancelled.

It appears there may have been some element of truth to those rumours, insofar as 43108 Bandmates looks to be exclusive to official channels – and therefore won’t be available through third-party retailers, as per 43101 Bandmates – but the new range of 12 colourful characters definitely haven’t been cancelled altogether.

The much-maligned VIDIYO theme is already bowing out after this final release, following a less-than-ideal reception that led to the LEGO Group issuing a statement on the future of the augmented-reality line. The company will ‘pilot new ideas’ with its partner Universal Music Group in 2022, before launching ‘new play experiences’ in 2023 and beyond.

LEGO VIDIYO 43108 Bandmates 1

We contacted the LEGO Group earlier this week for confirmation on the launch of 43108 Bandmates, but were told the company couldn’t provide a definitive answer one way or the other until October. Now that the series has debuted at – at least in the UK and Europe, although it’s still listed as ‘coming soon’ in the US – we’ll hopefully receive some clarification on their wider availability – watch this space.

For now, you can order 43108 Bandmates from (with a limit of 20 per household) in the UK, Europe, Australia and other regions. You won’t be able to control which minifigures you receive, but then their blind-boxed packaging means that would be true in person, too.

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