LEGOLAND Japan showcases dozen of new minifigure parts

LEGOLAND Japan has revealed over a dozen new minifigure parts that may be making their way to Build-a-Minifigure stations worldwide.

Recolours of Collectible Minifigures and more generic elements have been showcased on LEGOLAND Japan’s Twitter account with the confirmation that these new pieces are available at the resort starting today.

However, previously when LEGOLAND Japan revealed upcoming Build-a-Minifigure parts, they arrived in LEGO Stores around the world a little later. This suggests that the same will happen with these new minifigures. Some of them are depicted in trios so they may be packaged accordingly, though the group of four in the last image is more uncommon, so it may be that some or all of these parts will simply be available in the towers.

Included in the selection are recolours of the minifigure ferry costume from 71034 Series 23, a new print for the pizza costume now depicting a strawberry cake and the crayon costume with an intricate star design.


At the time of writing, these are available at LEGOLAND Japan and no worldwide availability has been officially confirmed but could be on the table considering similar showcases in the past. We’ll update should we learn whether or not these minifigure pieces will be available widely as there are some desirable element in the selection.

Featured image: LEGOLAND Japan

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