‘Let there be LEGO’ campaign sees Washington National Cathedral built in miniature

Washington National Cathedral has launched a fundraising initiative to build a replica of the iconic location using LEGO bricks.

To raise money for Washington National Cathedral, Washington D.C., USA, the institution is building a 400,000 LEGO piece replica of the building which when complete will measure 13 feet long.

Members of the public can ‘buy a brick’ for $2.00, which will then be added to the model. Proceeds will be used to restore parts of the cathedral that were damaged by an earthquake in 2011. Donations can be made at the official website.

“Washington National Cathedral is the sacred space where the nation gathers, and we’re bringing the nation together again to help restore this crown jewel of the Washington skyline,” said the Very Rev. Randolph Marshall Hollerith, Dean of Washington National Cathedral. “This Cathedral was built by contributions from people across the country, and people are coming together again to help repair and restore this architectural masterpiece.”

When the fundraising initiative launched, Washington nationals mascot Teddy laid the cornerstone brick – a fun nod to President Theodore Roosevelt having laid the Washington National Cathedral’s cornerstone in 1907.

“The Cathedral is thrilled to offer a new way for visitors and worshippers to engage the building, and to relive the process of building a grand cathedral from the ground up,” said Charles Fulcher, the Cathedral’s director of visitor programs. “Since none of us were here for the 1907 ground breaking, we’re honoured to have President Roosevelt back to lead us in kicking off another era of construction.”

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