Lights, camera, action: LEGO Ideas Movie Set reaches 10k supporters

Movie Set is the latest LEGO Ideas build to reach 10,000 supporters and make it through to the second review round of 2021.

This is the fourth creation from LEGO fan Castor-Troy, made in collaboration with Max Brich. It’s the first time he has been able to gain the support of enough people to reach the review stage. The set is made up of 2900 pieces, forming nine facades that can be shifted around, just like a real-life movie set.

The design was put together with display purposes in mind. Each tall set piece is a different type of building, measuring 16 studs wide. From a terraced front porch to a French bakery, there’s enough choice to satisfy even the most daring brick-based filmmakers. What’s more, they can either stand apart or all fit together for one long street.

To man the stage, the set also includes seven minifigures, several lights, and a camera. For when the LEGO cameraman isn’t up to scratch, the trolley is specially designed to support your smartphone, enabling you to capture a smooth, one metre tracking shot.

Whether it would be used for making your very own LEGO movies, or fit together with other urban sets, it’s certainly a versatile build with a lot to offer. It’s the second LEGO Ideas submission to reach this review stage. Here’s the other project in this round:

Imperial Island Fort

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