Lucasfilm Games kicks off the era with new Star Wars video game

Lucasfilm Games is starting strong by announcing a new Star Wars video game, potentially giving us a hint at a future subject for LEGO Star Wars sets.

For those unfamiliar, Lucasfilm Games is the new face of Star Wars video games, as well as Intellectual property that falls under the Lucasfilm studio. The news was only announced earlier this week and already, their first Star Wars project has been announced.

Ubisoft will be helming the new video game, as explained in a blog post. Fans can expect a story-driven open-world experience from this new game.

Ubisoft is known for its open-world video games, meaning a Star Wars project from them is even more exciting. Currently, there is no information as what to time period of the Star Wars franchise this will be set in but it is known that it will be an original adventure, possibly not directly tied to any of the movies, similar to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.


It’s too early to say for certain whether the LEGO Group will choose to produce any sets based on the game, but they have been opening themselves up to more video game-related partnerships such as LEGO Super Mario and PlayStation.

For now, LEGO Star Wars fans get can look forward to the release of LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga releasing this spring, as a new interview details the character count and more.

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