Making LEGO exist in real life

LEGO in Real Life co-creator Matthew Bentler talks about his passion for brickfilms and going viral in a new interview.

Matthew and Paul Bentler are the Canadian brothers behind BrickBrosProductions, the YouTube creators of the viral video LEGO in Real Life. In an interview with The Epoch Times, they have discussed their decade of experience making stop motion brickfilms.

“We were so captivated by the characters moving on their own, and seeing LEGO pieces that were so familiar to us come to life,” Matthew remembers in the interview, going all the way back to being eight years old. “We had seen stop-motion movies, but they had nowhere near the effect and appeal to us that these LEGO movies had.”

While their childhood efforts never made it to the internet, around 2014 they started making and uploading stop motion LEGO videos. Matthew came up with the ideas and Paul executed them, until they reached a huge audience – over 10 million viewers – with LEGO in Real Life, seeing a LEGO breakfast cooked in a real kitchen.

It was film camp that helped Matthew’s ability grow: “That really sparked my interest in film and the more technical side of it. I really enjoyed it, and Mr. Simes was an excellent teacher.”

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