Meet the LEGO MASTERS Series 2 teams – Harry and Ollie

Brick Fanatics counts down to the new series of LEGO MASTERS by speaking to each of the Series 2 build pairs. Building friends Harry and Ollie explain how their love of the brick led to competing on television

LEGO MASTERS Series 2 is about to arrive on television screens, with 16 new builders competing for the brick trophy. Schoolfriends and talented builders Harry and Ollie are competing as a duo, unleashing their creativity in the Build Room. Brick Fanatics chats to the pair ahead of the first episode to find out about their love of LEGO.

Are you LEGO fans?

Ollie: Yes – we started playing together because our mums were in the PTA and we both loved LEGO, then our friendship grew.

Harry: Ollie and I are constantly on the go, making incredible creations out of pure imagination.
We love building new vehicles, scenes and just about any other category of the plastic brick beginning with L.

How would you describe the kind of LEGO fan you are? For example, do you collect LEGO sets, or only build creatively?

H: Both! Ollie and I love collecting sets, then breaking them up again to use the parts for our own creations.

O: We collect sets that we really like and make other builds with our imaginations. We like to collect LEGO sets and then in a creative way we would customise them and then show each other We are constantly making MOCs, especially Harry.

What are your favourite things to build from LEGO?

O: I don’t have a favourite series of LEGO – although if I had to choose I would choose NINJAGO, Star Wars or Creator.

H: My favourite things to build out of LEGO are scenes, because I think it is great fun to add the minifigures and build the scenery to make the story come alive. Currently I am just about to start a huge Star Wars battle on my LEGO table in my bedroom, but unfortunately I need to take down my fairground scene which I built over the summer.

Do you have any other creative hobbies?

H: My other creative hobby is drawing and designing, because I love releasing what is in my head and putting it down on paper and making it come alive in my models.

O: I like any type of art, especially drawing.

Had you ever built LEGO creations together before?

O: Yes, at our school LEGO club and at each other’s houses.

H: We build lots of scenes and models and sometimes we make up imaginary stories so we can play with our new LEGO vehicles and minifigures. We take it in turns to go round to each other’s houses and often play with LEGO for so long we have to sleep over.


Did you do any preparation for the auditions?

O: Yes, so much. Harry loves planning and would want to continue forever and probably dreamt about it, whereas I don’t really like planning at all . It was still fun though, there was a lot of LEGO, even at the auditions.

H: For the first audition we each thought about an idea for the build and then we decided on which one we would do. We were asked to build something that demonstrated something that we both enjoy. We did a lot of planning and building for the space caravan and its landscape, including a lot of the aliens, which we really enjoyed.
For the second audition, we had loads of fun with our ‘Siege of Mount Piran’ which is a Cornish take on an adventure island scene with a pirate ship and we had to practice making spheres out of bricks as we had to incorporate them into the scene. It was a lot of hard work and planning.

How did you feel attending the auditions? Did you expect to succeed?

H: We were feeling pretty confident but a bit nervous about the first audition. We weren’t sure how it was going to go in the second audition, as we had lots to do in the time. We met some really nice people and were really inspired by what everybody else had thought of and built. It was, most importantly, really fun, but a bit weird having cameras on us for the first time.

O: We had hoped to succeed at the first audition b, and thought it was an achievement to get to the second audition when it happened.

To see Harry and Ollie in action, tune into LEGO MASTERS from November 6 on Channel 4.

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