More BrickLink tax changes are on the way for LEGO buyers and sellers

BrickLink has announced another suite of changes to the way it handles VAT between EU and non-EU LEGO buyers and sellers, this time to comply with new EU-imposed online marketplace rules.

The most recent changes were enacted in May, when the secondary marketplace updated its terms to reflect the UK shifting to a new sales tax regime – one that transferred the burden of collecting VAT from the buyer to the seller on orders above £135.

At the time, BrickLink implemented a site-wide process for collecting that sales tax, which now means UK buyers will see VAT-exclusive prices from EU sellers and VAT-inclusive prices from UK sellers. The latest changes will extend those pricing differences to EU buyers, who will now see VAT-exclusive prices from non-EU sellers and VAT-inclusive prices from VAT-registered EU sellers.

EU VAT will then be added during the checkout process for applicable orders, which means buyers won’t see the VAT in the item price (and will therefore need to factor that additional cost in while adding items to carts).

BrickLink will also collect and pay VAT on orders shipped from non-EU to EU countries up to a value of €150. Above that figure, either the buyer or seller may be responsible for collecting and paying VAT to the destination country – depending on that specific country’s rules – in order to get the goods through customs.

Finally, EU users who sell more than €10,000 of items to other EU countries (beyond their own) will need to either sign up for the One-Stop Shop scheme (which allows sellers to file just a single non-domestic VAT return), or register individually across each member state they sell to.

These changes will come into play on Thursday, July 1. You’ll be able to learn more about the new tax rules in detail when BrickLink updates its help pages on the same day.

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