More details on rumoured LEGO Disney castle launching in 2023

More details have emerged on the rumoured LEGO Disney castle said to be launching in 2023, and it’s sounding less and less like a direct replacement for 71040 The Disney Castle.

The biggest LEGO Disney set to date finally retired at the end of 2022, after more than six years on shelves – prompting speculation that a successor would arrive in 2023. An initial list of rumoured LEGO Disney 2023 sets included a product thought to be some sort of castle, but with a considerably smaller price tag than its predecessor.

More details on that rumoured set – numbered 43225 – have now surfaced online, and it’s starting to sound more in line with 2021’s 43197 The Ice Castle than 71040 The Disney Castle. Brick Clicker reports that while 43225 is still expected to consist of a castle, it will only include 1,808 pieces and retail for $159.99.

LEGO Disney 43197 The Ice Castle featured resized

That places it in stark contrast to 71040 The Disney Castle, which (by the time it retired) retailed for $349.99 for 4,080 pieces. The 2023 set is also said to come in the same size box as 43197 The Ice Castle – perhaps further supporting the theory that it’s another castle, given the verticality of that packaging – which costs $219.99 for 1,709 pieces.

The final nail in the coffin is that 43225 will apparently include mini-dolls rather than traditional minifigures, again aligning it more closely with the Frozen set. Exactly which Disney castle it’s likely to be is less certain, but the LEGO Group isn’t exactly short of options. Either way, we’ve probably got a little bit longer to wait for a real successor to 71040 The Disney Castle.

43225 is rumoured to launch on April 1, 2023, so we’ll hopefully learn more about the set – if it exists at all, and remember that it’s only rumoured for now – in the weeks to come.

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