New LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK product turns up online

A new product in the LEGO Group and IKEA’s BYGGLEK range has turned up online, combining its existing assortment into one comprehensive (and money-saving) package.


Imaginatively titled ‘Children kit 7’, the listing comprises one BYGGLEK 201-piece brick set, one mid-sized BYGGLEK box (H59xW175xD127 mm), two smaller BYGGLEK boxes (H59xW127xD88 mm), and one LUSTIGT wall shelf.

Collectively, those products would usually set you back £50, but the bundle retails for just £30, representing a very decent saving on the wider BYGGLEK range. Unfortunately, there’s no way to actually buy it at the moment, as it’s currently unavailable online.

LEGO IKEA BYGGLEK Children kit 7

We’ll keep an eye on IKEA’s website to see if it pops up for sale. Otherwise, you may have to wait until April 12, which is the earliest date non-essential retail can re-open in the UK, and hope that IKEA’s physical stores offer the very tempting bundle.

The fact that this listing has appeared so long after the debut of the initial BYGGLEK range suggests there may yet be more to come from the partnership between the LEGO Group and IKEA. For now, take a peek at our review to see what’s been released so far, then head here to check out some very innovative uses for these otherwise unassuming products – from integrating them into builds to using them to sort bricks.

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