New Zealand child plans to send LEGO bricks to migrant children

A child from New Zealand intends to send LEGO care packages to migrant families separated at the US-Mexico border.

There has been a great deal of coverage in the past year focused on migrant families at the US-Mexico border, with cases of parents and children being separated. Luca White, a 12 year old from New Zealand who now lives in New York, is seeking to send LEGO care packages to the families and has reached out to an online community to help.

Immigrant Families Together is helping the young LEGO fan realise his plan. “His best childhood memory so far involves building LEGOs, and he reached out to IFT because, in his words, he wants to share that joy with other kids,” Immigrant Families said on Instagram, in a post that was reported by News Now. “He has totally thought through every aspect of his plan… we’ve had a lot of important, inspiring meetings this week, and this one was probably the very best.”

LEGO migrant families

Luca came up with the idea as he has so much joy playing with LEGO bricks, and wanted to share it with those experiencing difficult circumstances.

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