Next LEGO House exclusive to be 40501 The Wooden Duck

The next exclusive set for the LEGO House has turned up online, with 40501 The Wooden Duck coming to the Home of the Brick.

Following yesterday’s huge launch of new LEGO sets, Brickset has discovered instructions for an upcoming exclusive set, LEGO House 40501 The Wooden Duck. The new set builds a polished version of the iconic wooden toy that is so important to the LEGO Group’s heritage.

It seems to be the beginning of a new series of exclusives for the LEGO House, as it is marked ‘Limited Edition 1’. Previous exclusives have also been linked directly to the LEGO House itself, whereas this one is simple inspired by the LEGO Group’s history.

LEGO House 40501 Wooden Duck

Q&A: Re-opening the LEGO House

For a limited time, the current LEGO House exclusives are available at 21037 LEGO House, 4000026 Tree of Creativity and 40366 LEGO House Dinosaurs are available in the UK, Ireland and Denmark as the packaging and instructions only meets legal requirements in those three countries.

LEGO House will reopen on June 22, with special measures in place to allow guests to social distance while visiting.

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