Potential list of exclusive LEGO sets increasing in price in Europe reported

A potential list of exclusive LEGO sets that could be affected by the upcoming price increases in Europe has surfaced online, including several huge models. 

According to Promobricks, a variety of exclusive LEGO sets are going to have their prices raised as part of the confirmed adjustments on September 1. The list includes models from LEGO Star Wars, ICONS, Disney, Harry Potter and more with prices said to increase by as much as 25%. 

We’ve sorted the reported information into the following table, though these have yet to be confirmed by the LEGO Group. We’ll know for certain what sets are affected by the price increases on September 1, 2022. 

ThemeSet nameOld
ICONS10255 Assembly Square€259.99€299.99€4015%
ICONS10265 Ford Mustang€139.99€169.99€3021%
ICONS10270 Bookshop€179.99€199.99€2011%
ICONS10273 Haunted House€249.99€299.99€5020%
ICONS10274 Ghostbusters ECTO-1€199.99€239.99€4020%
ICONS10276 Colosseum€499.99€549.99€5010%
ICONS10278 Police Station€179.99€199.99€2011%
ICONS10280 Flower Bouquet€49.99€59.99€1020%
ICONS10283 NASA Space Shuttle Discovery€179.99€199.99€2011%
ICONS10293 Santa’s Visit€89.99€99.99€1011%
ICONS10294 Titanic€629.99€679.99€507%
ICONS10295 Porsche 911€139.99€169.99€3021%
ICONS10297 Boutique Hotel€199.99€229.99€3015%
ICONS10299 Real Madrid – Santiago Bernabéu Stadium€349.99€399.99€5014%
ICONS10300 Back to the Future Time Machine€169.99€199.99€3017%
ICONS10302 Optimus Prime€169.99€179.99€106%
Ideas21318 Tree House€199.99€249.99€5025%
Ideas21323 Grand Piano€349.99€379.99€308%
Ideas21325 Medieval Blacksmith€149.99€179.99€3020%
Ideas21327 Typewriter€199.99€249.99€5025%
Ideas21329 Fender Stratocaster€99.99€119.99€2020%
Ideas21330 Home Alone€249.99€299.99€5025%
Ideas21332 The Globe€199.99€229.99€3015%
Creator 3-in-131120 Medieval Castle€99.99€119.99€2020%
Technic42136 John Deere 9620R 4WD Tractor€29.99€34.99€516%
Disney43197 The Ice Castle€209.99€219.99€204%
Harry Potter71043 Hogwarts Castle€419.99€449.99€307%
Super Mario71374 Nintendo Entertainment System€229.99€249.99€208%
Super Mario71395 Super Mario 64 Question Mark Block€169.99€199.99€3017%
Star Wars75192 Millennium Falcon€799.99€849.99€506%
Star Wars75290 Mos Eisley Cantina€349.99€399.99€5014%
Star Wars75292 The Razor Crest€129.99€139.99€107%
Star Wars75308 R2-D2€199.99€239.99€4020%
Star Wars75309 Republic Gunship€349.99€399.99€5014%
Star Wars75313 AT-AT€799.99€849.99€506%
Star Wars75341 Luke Skywalker’s Landspeeder€199.99€239.99€4020%
Harry Potter75978 Diagon Alley€399.99€449.99€5012%
Marvel76178 Daily Bugle€299.99€349.99€5016%
Harry Potter76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition€249.99€299.99€5020%
Speed Champions76909 Mercedes-AMG F1 W12 E Performance & Mercedes-AMG Project One€39.99€44.99€512%
Jurassic World76950 Triceratops Pick-up Truck Ambush€44.99€49.99€511%
Monkie Kid80036 The City of Lanterns€129.99€139.99€107%

Notable models reported to be affected by the price increases include 10273 Haunted House going from €249.99 to €299.99 and 31120 Medieval Castle rising from €99.99 to €119.99. 

Whatever LEGO sets are increasing in price, the adjustments will be live in the UK and Europe from September 1, and you can find previous lists documenting the upcoming changes here

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