Prominent LEGO YouTuber has collection stolen

A talented LEGO fan with a YouTube following has had his collection stolen and current project destroyed.

In a video, the visibly upset Louis, who posts on YouTube as republicattak, shows his LEGO room with his collection missing and builds destroyed. He explains then upon coming home from work, he found broken windows and doors, with LEGO bricks scattered everywhere inside.

He explains that his LEGO hobby was a way of relaxing after work and is unlikely to be able to recover his collection. “It really was my passion. It was a part of me,” he says, before explaining that he is closing his YouTube channel.
Louis suspects that he was intentionally targeted, as the burglar chose to steal LEGO sets but left a laptop and other high end items behind.

An outpouring of support has happened in response to his video, with commenters on YouTube, Reddit users and Facebook members all offering their support and desire for him to continue with his channel. Many have offered to send LEGO sets, or suggested contacting the LEGO Group to find out if there is any way to help replace his collection.

Fans in France have been asked tgo vigilant for the stolen items being made available to purchase on selling platforms, message boards or social media groups. Some of the highest value items stolen were 75192 Millennium Falcon, 75220 Slave I and 75009 Jabba’s Palace. If the items do come up for sale in suspicious circumstances, Louis can be reached via Twitter.


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