A quick goodbye from LEGO Harry Potter and Stranger Things

Two LEGO sets that are proving difficult to pin down ahead of Black Friday have sold out online yet again, just days before the year’s biggest shopping event.

71043 Hogwarts Castle and 75810 The Upside Down both sold out over LEGO VIP Weekend, before returning to LEGO.com yesterday. But that restock has also proved to be fleeting, as the Harry Potter and Stranger Things sets are now gone again.

That means they’ve also left Brick Fanatics’ Top 20 LEGO Sets List, and the ‘notice something missing?’ section – which includes currently-sold-out sets, as well as retired sets that would have otherwise made the cut – is getting longer by the day.

75810 The Upside Down will very shortly be moving there permanently, too, as it’s slated to retire by the end of 2021. For now, it’s only temporarily out of stock, which suggests it will come back. You can track when it does (and therefore make sure you don’t miss out on one of the most extraordinary LEGO sets of all time) using our stock alerts.

LEGO Stranger Things 75810 The Upside Down featured

The 6,020-piece microscale 71043 Hogwarts Castle will be around a little longer, meanwhile, but its unavailability this week is potentially bad news for anyone hoping to pick it up across Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Again, you can use our email alerts to keep an eye on when it’s back, but it’s likely that you’ll need to act quickly when it does.

76391 Hogwarts Icons Collectors’ Edition, meanwhile, is now on back order until December, so it’s not unreasonable to assume this year’s Harry Potter direct-to-consumer set will also join the castle and 75978 Diagon Alley in selling out soon – and possibly even before Black Friday.

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