Real world sounds helped bring The LEGO Batman Movie to life

One of the sound experts behind The LEGO Batman Movie have explained a little about approaching the film as if it was live action.

The Hollywood Reporter has spoken to a group of sound designers about their work on animated projects, including Coco, Cars 3 and Despicable Me 3. Of most interest to LEGO fans is the discussion around making The LEGO Batman Movie sound as life like as possible.

For instance, Warner Animation Group’s The Lego Batman Movie was approached as it if were live-action. “We wanted it to sound like a huge action-adventure film, incorporating our plastic Lego characters into that real-world style,” says supervising sound editor and designer Wayne Pashley.

“We spent a lot of time recording Lego, Duplo and many other plastic props, all varying weights, utilizing the plastic world to enhance the comedy when required,” he explains. “Because we wanted the characters to be based in reality, we had more scope to use real sound effects this time around. In the case of the Batwing, its signature sound was built from a variety of jet engines, mixed with a high-speed Formula One car.”

This fits in with what The LEGO Batman Movie director Chris McKay has said in interviews about making the animated feature seem as close to a big budget action film as possible.

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