Retro LEGO sets to celebrate 60 years of the brick

Four new exclusive, limited edition retro LEGO sets will celebrate 60 years of the LEGO brick.

Forbes has revealed four new LEGO sets that will appeal to collectors thanks to retro packaging that celebrates the 60th anniversary of the LEGO brick. The theme is part of a strategy designed to reconnect the LEGO Group with the notion of creative building:

To celebrate, LEGO is getting back to basics with 60th Anniversary of the LEGO Brick sets: while its competitors focus on licensed brands and builds that aren’t ever meant to be disassembled once built, these anniversary sets go back to the notion that LEGO’s only limit is a child’s imagination.


LEGO Classic 10715 Bricks on a Roll is part of the 60 years of the LEGO brick theme, with the box depicting some classic LEGO box art along the bottom. Whether the included Ideas book, or the back of the box, includes more LEGO history is currently unknown. This may be an exclusive set, or may just be due for release later in the year.


4000028 House, 4000029 Windmill and 4000030 Truck will all be available in the USA exclusively at Wal*Mart, priced at $19.99. They are likely to be exclusive to other retail chains around the world, and such exclusive sets are usually also available at The box art is inspired by 1960s LEGO sets, with classic logo on the side and retro font detailing the set name.


The release date for these sets has not yet been announced, but Brick Fanatics will share more news as soon as it is available.


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