Revealing 10253 Big Ben

Following the arrival of the 5th D2C yesterday, please feast your eyes on set number 6 and boy is it a beauty! A large scale Big Ben at over 4,000 pieces but with the reasonable price of £169.99 for us in the UK.  This reveal is driven in the UK and tied to the announcement of the new flagship store in London opening later this year.

The product page should plan to go up as “Coming Soon” on by EOD Friday, May 20th. VIP Early Access for this item starts on June 15th with a launch date of July 1st.

Here is the press release:

10253 Big Ben
Ages 16+. 4,163 pieces.
US $249.99 – CA $299.99 – DE 219.99€ – UK £169.99 – DK 1999.00 DKK
*Euro pricing varies by country. Please visit for regional pricing.

Build the world’s best-known clock tower!

Get up close to Big Ben! The clock was first started on May 31st 1859, and Big Ben’s first chime rang from the 96-metre Elizabeth Tower on July 11th of the same year. This over 23” (60cm) high LEGO® interpretation of the iconic structure is a tribute to its engineering and architecture. It features a detailed facade with statues, shields and windows, and a clock tower with 4 adjustable clock dials and a removable roof allowing access to the belfry, plus buildable exterior elements including a sidewalk, lawn and a tree depicting the building’s location. This model makes a great display piece for the home or office.

  • Big Ben features a detailed section of the Westminster Palace and the adjoining Elizabeth Tower, 4 detailed clock dials with movable hour and minutes hands, and a sidewalk, tree and grass area depicting the building’s location.
  • Remove the top of the tower to access the Big Ben bell.
  • Put your LEGO® building skills to the test!
  • Special elements include 4 printed clock faces.
  • Rare elements include ski poles, flowers and corner plates in molded gold color, and tinted-translucent elements.
  • This set includes over 4,000 LEGO® pieces. This set offers an age-appropriate building experience for ages 16+.
  • Big Ben measures over 23” (60cm) high, 17” (44cm) wide and 7” (20cm) deep.


10253_Box1_in 10253_Prod 10253_Box5_in 10253_Box4_in 10253_Box3_in 10253_Box2_in

10253_1to1 10253_Back_01 10253_Back_02 10253_Back_03 10253_Back_04 10253_Back_05 10253_Back_06 10253_Bottom_01 10253_Bottom_02 10253_Front_01 10253_Front_02 10253_Front_03 10253_Front_04 10253_Prod 10253_Side_01



  1. Bricker

    Finally a decent model from Lego this year and substantially cheaper than previous sets. I wonder if the criticism for those other bigger sets has caused the price reduction?

    I can understand that there’s a lot of repetitive components, but you definitely seem to be getting a lot more than in those licensed sets.

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