Rumoured LEGO Disney 100 minifigure list has lots of firsts

The rumoured list of LEGO Disney 100 Collectible Minifigures has a few potential firsts for the partnership, from Big Hero 6 to Robin Hood. 

A reported list of minifigures in the rumoured 71038 Disney 100th Anniversary Collectible Minifigures series has surfaced and provided it is accurate, it may bring more than a few new films into the existing partnership between the LEGO Group and Disney

As organised in the table below, the reported list includes films never seen before in LEGO including Pinnochio, Coco, Robin Hood and Big Hero 6. 

Number Rumoured LEGO Disney 100 minifigure Existing LEGO set representation 
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit BrickHeadz (40622 Disney 100th Celebration
Pinnochio None 
Jiminy Cricket None 
Sorcerer Mickey Reference in 71040 The Disney Castle 
Princess Tiana LEGO Disney mini-dolls 
Dr. Facilier None 
Queen of Hearts None 
Princess Aurora LEGO Disney mini-dolls 
Mulan LEGO Disney mini-dolls 
10 Ernesto de la Cruz None 
11 Miguel None 
12 Pocahontas 2021 advert, otherwise none 
13 Cruella de Vil None 
14 Robin Hood None 
15 Prince John None 
16 Stitch 71012 Disney Series 1 minifigure 
17 Baymax None 
18 Evil Queen None 

It also includes a film only referenced in 71040 The Disney Castle before, fantasia, with Sorcerer Mickey unless the rumour is referring to the 1937 Magician Mickey short despite the believed accessories of a bucket and mop. 


Named in the report but seen before in LEGO through an advert depicting a mini-doll that has yet to be released is Pocahontas. Should the rumour be true, we could finally see this design used for a minifigure instead.

This is on top of the Up and Wall-E set that is also rumoured, but similarly unconfirmed until officially announced otherwise by the LEGO Group. However, the 100th anniversary of Disney could be a good time to introduce this many new properties to the LEGO Group and Disney’s partnership. 

Here’s a look at every rumoured and confirmed LEGO Disney set for 2023. 

Rumoured set Pieces Price Release date 
43210 Moana’s Way-finding Boat 324 £34.99 January 1 
43211 Aurora’s Castle 187 $44.99 January 1 
43212 Disney Birthday Train 200 $39.99 April 1 
43213 BrickHeadz 134 $19.99 May 1 
43214 Rapunzel’s Music Box 89 $9.99 January 1 
43216 Princess’ Enchanted Journey 320 $64.99 January 1 
43217 Carl’s House “Up” 598 $54.99 April 1 
43219 Creative Locksmith Box 140 $34.99 March 1 
43220 Peter Pan & Wendy’s Storybook Adventure 111 $19.99 March 1 
43225 Castle TBC $159.99 TBC 
40619 Cruella de Vil & Maleficent BrickHeadz TBC $19.99 March 1 
40620 Eve & Wall-E BrickHeadz TBC $19.99 March 1 
40621 Moana & Merida BrickHeadz TBC $19.99 March 1 
40622 Steamboat Willie, Oswald, Snow White & Tinker Bell BrickHeadz TBC $39.99 February 1 
71038 Disney 100th Anniversary TBC $3.99 May 

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