Rumoured list of LEGO Disney 100 Collectible Minifigures appears

A rumoured list of characters in the reported LEGO Disney 100 Collectible Minifigures series has surfaced, including several newcomers for LEGO.

Promobricks are reporting that a list of the characters in the previously-rumoured LEGO Collectible Minifigures Disney 100 series has appeared on the Back 2 Brick podcast.

Despite Promobricks’ reputation with past rumours, this report is not coming from them but they see it as believable. As such, you should take it with an extra pinch of salt until the existence of a LEGO Collectible Minifigures series for the 100th anniversary of Disney is officially confirmed, though it may have been teased.

Here’s a look at every minifigure on the rumoured list, which consists of 18 characters rather than the new standard of 12 minifigures. It’s also rumoured to be due on May 1, 2023, for €3.99 and notably does not include Tinker Bell, who may have been teased in the initial image from the LEGO Group’s Disney 100th anniversary announcement.


18 –Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

As the first Disney character, Oswald is worthy of a place in the rumoured series and is already confirmed to be appearing as a LEGO BrickHeadz in 40622 Disney 100th Celebration. Oswald is a big part of the 100th-anniversary celebrations with a new short featuring the character launched online to kickstart the year-long event.

17 – Pinnochio

Image: Disney

As the star of Disney’s Pinnochio movie, Pinnochio was also featured in the recent live-action version on Disney+. A printed fish bowl is also reported for this rumoured minifigure.

16 – Jiminy Cricket

Image: Disney

Jiminy Cricket is Pinnochio’s partner, friend and conscience and is also featured in the recent live-action movie. He is said to include a parasol.

15 – Sorcerer Mickey

With a display at the Disney Springs LEGO store, Sorcerer Mickey is named ‘Magician Mickey’ in the report, but it seems likely that it is the Fantasia depiction of the character as a bucket and mop are rumoured to join the minifigure. It’s also possible that despite the bucket and mop, this entry is referring to the 1937 Magician Mickey short.

14 – Princess Tiana

The Princess and the Frog’s main character has been depicted as a mini-doll before, including in 43203 Aurora, Merida and Tiana’s Enchanted Creations. A printed tile is also reported for the minifigure.

13 – Dr. Facilier

Image: IMDB via Disney

Dr. Faciliar is the antagonist of The Princess and the Frog and has yet to receive a minifigure. However, the rumoured Disney 100 inclusion is said to feature a cane and printed tile.

12 – Queen of Hearts

Image: Disney wiki via Disney

Featured in Alice in Wonderland, the Queen of the Hearts is an antagonist that also has yet to receive a LEGO minifigure.

11 – Princess Aurora

Image: Disney

Featured as a mini-doll a few times in LEGO Disney, Princess Aurora’s rumoured minifigure is said to include an owl.

10 – Mulan

Mulan’s rumoured minifigure, following her previous mini-dolls, is reported to include a tile with a printed Cri-Kee the cricket.

9 – Ernesto de la Cruz

As the antagonist of Disney and Pixar’s Coco, the Ernesto minifigure is rumoured to include a guitar.

8 – Miguel

Image: Disney

Reported to include a guitar and Dante the Xoloitzcuintle, Miguel is the star of Disney and Pixar’s Coco.

7 – Pocahontas

Image: Disney

With no physical minifigure or mini-doll, the report details a round tile with a compass print for this minifigure.

6 – Cruella de Vil

Image: Disney

Said to feature a Dalmatian, Cruella de Vil of One Hundred and One Dalmatians is also named as an included minifigure.

5 – Robin Hood

Image: Disney

Never depicted in LEGO officially before, Robin Hood is one-half of the rumoured minifigures said to be representing the animated movie of the same name with a bow accessory.

4 – Prince John

Image: IMDB via Disney

Alongside Robin Hood is reported to be the antagonist Prince John, depicted in the movie with a cape and crown. The minifigure is rumoured to include a bag.

3 – Stitch

Featured as a minifigure in a previous LEGO Disney minifigure series, this rumoured depiction is reported to have four arms and ray guns.

2 – Baymax

From the animated Big Hero 6 movie, Baymax appears in an armoured and unarmoured form but its not clear which one the rumoured minifigure could depict. However, a red hoverboard is named as included.

1 – Evil Queen

Image: Disney

Alongside the Magic Mirror, the Evil Queen from Snow White is also rumoured to be getting a minifigure.

Every rumoured LEGO Disney 100 minifigure

NumberRumoured LEGO Disney 100 minifigure
1Oswald the Lucky Rabbit
3Jiminy Cricket
4Sorcerer Mickey
5Princess Tiana
6Dr. Facilier
7Queen of Hearts
8Princess Aurora
10Ernesto de la Cruz
13Cruella de Vil
14Robin Hood
15Prince John
18Evil Queen

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