Rumoured LEGO Marvel and DC summer 2023 figures are familiar

The rumoured summer 2023 wave of LEGO Marvel buildable figures may need to rely on the older CCBS designs thanks to their reported faces. 

As part of the rumoured LEGO Marvel and DC summer 2023 set list, buildable figures for Wolverine, Captain America and Batman are reportedly on the way. 

With rumours of a $35 price point, these potential models seem likely to be similar to 76226 Spider-man Figure, 76206 Iron Man Figure and the other figures currently available. However, those figures with the exception of 76230 Venom Figure, are masked and have no aspects of their face exposed. 

Wolverine, Captain America and Batman’s traditional outfits have their lower face exposed and as such, this could be a new aspect to introduce to the modern buildable figure designs. However, it’s not entirely new to the LEGO portfolio. 


Some of the first LEGO Marvel and DC sets released in the modern take on the theme are 4526 Batman and 4597 Captain America. These figures used the Character and Creature Building System of pieces similar to those from BIONICLE and Hero Factory. They also had parts of the faces exposed, moulded as part of a unique head element to represent the characters rumoured to be getting figures later this year.

It’s an interesting look for the figures and we may see later this year whether or not this idea works better as a System buildable figure instead. The System figures used a single element for the shape of the head and printing the lower face on this piece may be the simplest and most effective option.

Note that the rumoured set list has not been officially confirmed and all information should be taken with caution until officially confirmed by the LEGO Group. 

Every rumoured LEGO Marvel and DC set for summer 2023

Rumoured setPricePiecesRelease date
76224 1989 Batmobile (Flash set)$45438May 1, 2023
76249 Venomised Groot Figure$50630TBD
76257 Wolverine Buildable Figure$35327June 2023
76258 Captain America Buildable Figure$35310June 2023
76259 Batman Buildable Figure$35275TBD
76260 Captain America and Black Widow Bike Chase$15130TBD
76261 No Way Home Statue of Liberty Battle$100900August 1, 2023
76262 Captain America’s Shield$2003,128August 1, 2023
76264 4+ Batmobile?$2554August 2023
76265 1989 Batwing$35357August 2023
76266$100794August 2023
76267 Marvel Advent Calendar$44.99243TBD

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