Second fan vote for LEGO Ideas Star Wars contest begins today

The final stage of the LEGO Ideas Star Wars brickfilm contest has begun as the second fan vote phase is now open with four movies to pick from.

As May the Fourth 2022 approaches, the LEGO Ideas team is nearing the end of their latest Star Wars competition on the platform, which asked entrants to submit a brickfilm based on one of four categories. The first fan vote started on January 27 and was to determine which winner in each category would move forward to the next round

That next round has just started and will decide which LEGO Ideas user will take home  75313 AT-AT75288 AT-AT75309 Republic Gunship and a LEGO Ideas tote bag. Every movie that won in the first round will win only the latter three prizes.

The four finalists for the contest include Celebrating Fathers across the Galaxy from TwinBricks, Cinematic Event from Aldar-Beedo, Santa’s Pod-Racer by Brickhausen and Heated Holiday on Mustafar by Jaxolotl.


Head on over the contest page to cast your vote and help determine which brickfilm is the best of the competition. Voting closes on February 17, 2022, with the winner announcement coming a week later on February 24.

Alternatively, anyone needing to scratch a creative itch can also enter the recent Afrofuturism contest to win a custom build from artist Ekow Nimako.

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One thought on “Second fan vote for LEGO Ideas Star Wars contest begins today

  • 13/02/2022 at 00:52

    How bout if they can do the death star lego. Why not do the entire starwars universe such as the Droid blockade from the phantom Menace and finish with Snokes ship

    So you have the Droid blockade you have Theed next you have Kamino and the clones for the republic then there’s tatooine complete lego set Geonosis complete lego set
    Here’s a big one. Coroscant complete lego set
    EPISODE III finale Mustafar complete lego set including Battles of utapal with mace windu and Palpatine.

    That should sum up episodes I II & III
    All complete lego sets should start at $1’000CAD

    Next we have the star destroyer but what about before That so back up to the days of Rogue One and Solo so here in one corner you have the Rogue one lego set and on the other you have Solo lego set.

    Ep. IV complete lego set
    Ep V HOTH complete lego set Bespin complete lego set includes bobba Fett and his ship
    Dagabah lego set with Yoda and ghost obiwan
    Ep. VI death II complete lego set including the entire emperors throne room and shuttle
    The complete ewalk village.
    Starting price. 1,000CAD for each set

    Ep. VII the force awakens complete lego sets
    Including maz’s castle lego set and Starkiller base

    Ep.VIII Here’s the ultimate lego set the Snokes ship

    Ep. IX rise of the fallen sithlord and his final order every single star destroyer in the universe to be built
    Price tag for this badass anywhere from $1’000CAD to $8’000CAD pending on the set.

    The reason I wanted to post this is because I want to give ideas for starwars lego and to say happy anniversary to George Lucas in his vision of this terrific franchise he has made.

    To you George
    Thankyou for your great work and a wonderful Director
    Cheers to you and to thoughs who follow you


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