LEGO VIP collectible coin display case out of stock again

One item in the range of LEGO VIP collectible coins has sold out again on the official online store, signalling the end of its availability.

Before any of the five coins could go out of stock in the LEGO VIP Rewards Centre, the case has beat them as the first of the range to sell out after being brought back for a second time by the LEGO Group.

Once ready to redeem for 700 points, the display case could hold the full range of collectible coins and is now unavailable worldwide. However, the rest of the collection isn’t facing the same stock issues.

LEGO finally confirms when the VIP coins will return to the Rewards Centre
The LEGO VIP collectible coins are still available worldwide
LEGO VIP collectible coins now available, but with a twist


The five coins can still be redeemed around the world for 1,150 points each. However, you cannot add all of them to one order as they require a purchase each to get them to your door. This might be one of the reasons why they are still available over a month into 2022.

Also newly available on the VIP Rewards Centre are two tin signs based on LEGO CITY and Friends for 1,200 points each.

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