Secrets of LEGO House 40504 A Minifigure Tribute revealed

Designer Stuart Harris has taken to the LEGO House’s Instagram to reveal the secrets of 40504 A minifigure Tribute following its launch. 

Celebrating the 45th anniversary of the minifigure now at the LEGO House is 40504 A Minifigure Tribute for 599 DKK exclusively at the Billund attraction. 

For those who hope to make their way to the LEGO House soon, designer Stuart Harris is offering a tour of the build and its secrets via Instagram. 

Much like a normal minifigure and 76393 Harry Potter & Hermione Granger, Harris confirmed that 40504 A Minifigure Tribute has all the standard movement of a minifigure. 


While the enlarged Captain Redbeard has a map that leads to a familiar location, he may not need it to find the treasure in 40504 A Minifigure Tribute as he has the perfect spot in his mind, literally. 

Inside the head of 40504 A Minifigure Tribute, a small island is featured. However, the treasure is closer than you might expect as the base has some gold LEGO bars buried within it. The background of the video also features some more giant minifigures, including one with short legs and another with a white hat. There’s also a scaled chest based on the existing piece, but with an additional colour.

Image: LEGO House

40504 A Minifigure Tribute is available only from the LEGO House as the attraction’s latest exclusive set. However, those heading to Billund soon can pick it up for 599 DKK, just leave room in your suitcase for it. 

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