Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer breakdown and LEGO speculation

Lucasfilm is finally sharing footage from Solo: A Star Wars Story, with a full trailer now available for fans to pore over and look for hints about what LEGO goodies may be on the way

Last night, the first teaser dropped for Solo: A Star Wars Story, with 45 seconds of footage to break down and speculate about. Now, the upcoming Star Wars stand alone movie has a full trailer, with more characters, locations and action shots to help give a sense of what the fan favourite character will be doing in this origin story. What does the film have in store for fans? And what LEGO sets might it lead to? Brick Fanatics is breaking down the trailer and continuing the speculation.

Warning: There is speculation, conjecture and information about rumoured LEGO sets from here on out – do not proceed if you are sensitive to extrapolating information from seconds of footage…


A landspeeder chase is definitely going to be part of the movie. Here, Alden Ehrenreich’s Han Solo and Emilia Clarke’s Qi’Ra are speeding through the drab streets of what will probably be a new location. ‘I’ve been running scams on the streets since I was ten,’ says Solo in the voice over. Is this the sort of depressed place that Han Solo grew up, leading to a life of crime?


This is probably a different scene as the time of day seems to have switched, although it does feature the same speeder. Is that an Imperial chasing Han Solo, or are rival gang member? Either way, the speeder bike the pursuer is riding looks rather nice and would make a good choice for a LEGO set.


This looks to be a significant chase scene, with that big blocky transport hot on the tail of the landspeeder. Both of these have a chance of being released as LEGO sets, but neither of the designs look terribly exciting.


Based on the hair, this seems to be Han Solo looking out over a snowy vista. This could be the same planet that the speeder chase takes place on, but is probably elsewhere.


Things switch to a planet that has an ocean, with Han Solo talking to Woody Harrelson’s Tobias Beckett. ‘Hey kid, I’m putting together a crew,’ Beckett says to Solo, revealing where the smuggler found his affectionate nickname for Luke Skywalker.


Qi-Ra makes a grand entrance in a very cool costume, accompanied by a droid, presumably her sidekick. It is possible that Solo: A Star Wars Story will feature a time jump, with the young Han Solo and Qi’Ra together at the beginning of the film, then reuniting years later for Beckett’s job.


Will Han Solo meet Lando Calrissian, portrayed by Donald Glover, when they are both recruited by Beckett?


Thandie Newton’s character does not even have a name yet, but the actor looks to be bringing her consistently impressive screen presence to the Star Wars universe.


This alien has a bit of a monkey vibe about it. Will the LEGO Group need new moulded pieces for this character?


Is Han Solo about to do some gambling? Could this be the game in which Lando Calrissian bets the Millennium Falcon, and loses?


So it seems that Han Solo will team up with Beckett twice in the film, as another offer of some sort is being made, but this time on the snow covered planet seen earlier. Check out Chewbacca’s fancy new bandolier, that will mean a new element for the character’s LEGO minifigure.


At this point in the film, it is Lando Calrissian piloting the Falcon with help from Qi’Ra’s droid.


This shot seems to be paying homage to the other role that made Harrison Ford famous – Indiana Jones.


Who are these dudes? The leader has a certain warlord vibe, with his followers wearing mismatched gear. This could be a criminal gang that Han Solo has fallen foul of, and is certainly a place for the LEGO Group to find potential new minifigures.


This dramatic chase scene is happening on the snowy planet, with big grey vehicles that look to be Imperial – will Han Solo and his crew be going up against the Empire? Let’s hope that the LEGO design team were selective about which Imperial vehicles to release as sets, as some of these look just as bland as those in The Force Awakens.


By the end of the film – and this sequence is likely to be towards the end – Han Solo will have become the ace pilot that the audience meets in the classic trilogy.


‘I might be the only person who knows who you really are,’ Qi’Ra says to Han. Flashing his trademark charming smile, he replies, ‘what’s that?’ Hopefully, that suggests that the film will be a genuine character study rather than simply ticking fan service boxes. This also implies that Qi’Ra has known Han for a long time, she might even turn out to be the character in the film who has known him the longest.


The Star Destroyer and TIE Fighters were shown in the short teaser, but this footage reveals that they are pursuing the Millennium Falcon.


This is the one time that the trailer really demonstrates the comedic tone that Solo: A Star Wars Story is expected to hit, when the pilot turns to his crew and tells them, ‘it’s fine, we’re fine’ – before running into the next problem.


Solo: A Star Wars Story will explore some of the weirder aspects of the galaxy far, far away, as this tentacled space beats shows. This shot also shows the early period Millennium Falcon, with a slightly different shape to the one that fans know and love. Even C-3PO knows how that the odds of the LEGO Group releasing this as a LEGO set are good.

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Solo: A Star Wars Story will be released on May 25. The LEGO Star Wars sets based on the film will launch on April 20. The current range of LEGO Star Wars sets are available at, with double points for Star Wars VIP card holders during February.

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