South Africa gets its first LEGO Store

The first LEGO Store in South Africa will open in Sandton City.

When a new LEGO Store opens tomorrow in Sandon City, it will be the first of the branded shops to open in South Africa. It is good news for fans of the brick living in the country as it will make D2C sets available at a more affordable price.

Makers has taken a tour of the new retail location, reporting that the VIP scheme will be a little different, with a point awarded per rand, and 5,00 points earning card holders a 250 rand voucher.

To mark the unique location of this LEGO Store, a mosaic showing five native creatures uses 15,041 pieces. The model weights 30kg and took 130 hours to build. zaLUG contributed a miniaturised version of Joburg to the store, that includes iconic minibus taxis.

The LEGO Store opens to the public on July 28.

LEGO Store South Africa 1


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