Special LEGO edition of Newsweek magazine out today

Newsweek magazine has been pushing the launch of a special LEGO edition, celebrating 60 years of the brick, that is released today.

To celebrate 60 years of the LEGO brick and 40 years of the classic minifigure, Newsweek magazine has released a special edition of the magazine – subtitled “the toy that changes our lives” – dedicated to all things brick based. It covers a variety of topics, from looking back at classic LEGO sets, through a Billund factory visit to an interview with LEGO Certified Professional Nathan Sawaya.

Elsewhere in the magazine is an interview with The LEGO Movie producer, a look at the LEGO Ideas platform, a celebration of the minifigure and a brief history of the LEGO Group.

This new release is available in the USA for $10.99, with fans elsewhere in the world needing to call in a favour or check out popular third party selling platforms.

The special LEGO edition of Newsweek is available from magazine stockists in the US today.


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