Spend and scratch for chance to get LEGO Store Lester minifigure

With the LEGO Store Leicester Square opening next week, fans now know how they might – or might not – get their hands on what will presumably be an exclusive minifigure, Lester. This character is the mascot for the new store, currently part of promotional materials and likely to be part of in-store signage.

Brickset report:

from the 16th to the 20thNovember you’ll be given a scratch card with every purchase over £55 you make at the store. You’ll win either a Lester Minifig or a Creator Parrot.

£55 is a fairly high price threshold and the promotion only gives fans a chance of getting the minifigure – suggesting that this news will not be universally celebrated by the LEGO fan community. The LEGO Store Leicester Square opens on Thursday, November 17.



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