Spending the night at the LEGO House

The winner of the recent competition to win a stay at the LEGO House has shared the story of her unique experience.

The LEGO House received an awful lot of publicity when, in conjunction with Airbnb, the team there ran a competition offering a lucky winner the opportunity to spend a night there. Brickset has published a report on the night that Susan, the winner, and her family spent enjoy the facilities at the Home of the Brick.

Susan writes that her family were very well look after by the LEGO Group:

The overnight stay in the LEGO House really was an awesome once in a lifetime trip. The AirBnB team looked after us very well: we had business class flights, extra nights at one of their other properties, and a crazy amount of food and treats. They were very friendly but, unfortunately, as of yet haven’t taken up my suggestion to send us on more adventures, purely for publicity of course!

The family had the LEGO Group’s Jamie Berard and Stuart Harris on hand to help them build models based on the International Space Station and similar subject matter.


The most unique aspect of the trip of course was after hours opportunity, as Susan explains:

Everyone else left at about 9.30pm, after which the House was so quiet and still. The four of us kept building until midnight, even the electrician who called in to switch the lights off didn’t stop us, we carried on using torches!

On Saturday, Izzys 5th birthday, LEGO put on one of the best breakfasts I’ve ever had, gave presents to the girls and a birthday cake for Izzy. After that we went and built minifigures of ourselves with Stuart, who has put them in the world showcase so visitors can now try and find us: we will be having a birthday picnic there forever!

It will be heartening for LEGO fans around the world to hear that this prize went to such a brick loving family, who it seems really made the most of the experience.


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