Star Wars: The Last Jedi LEGO build – enter the AT-AT

Star Wars: The Last Jedi introduces a walker even bigger than the AT-AT – what would the classic walker look like if built to scale with LEGO 75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker? Brick Fanatics set Tim Goddard the task of finding out

The First Order is all about being bigger than the Empire. As Star Wars fans know, AT-ATs are big – so the new AT-M6 needs to be huge, and so it is. Or at least it is in The Last Jedi trailer – I am writing this before the film is released, with great anticipation – so does the set measure up?


Brick Fanatics wanted to know, so I built an AT-AT to an equivalent scale to 75189 First Order Heavy Assault Walker. When I started the build there was not much more information available than the trailer shot, as the First Order walkers advance towards a Resistance base on Crait, so I had to make an educated guess about what size my AT-AT should be.

There still does not seem to be any confirmed size for the AT-M6, it appears to be about 30m tall and the AT-AT is about 22m tall (depending on which ‘official’ size you choose to believe – don’t get me started on the discrepancies) so my walker may be a tiny bit too big but the difference is still marked.


For both models, a minifigure is way too big to be in scale, much more appropriate are the figures that came with LEGO Games 3866 Battle of Hoth from a few years ago. I have been building a range of midi scale Star Wars vehicles recently and these micro figures just about work with those, and also these walkers. It is a shame that the Games line is behind us, as some more Star Wars figures in this scale would be very welcome.

Really this AT-M6 is a midi scale model with minifigures squeezed in, but then the System range is not about accuracy and scale, it is about playability. Maybe one day the LEGO Group will finally release that UCS AT-AT in minifigure scale. As for the AT-M6, if 75192 Millennium Falcon was not expensive enough, just imagine how much that would be in the Ultimate Collector Series scale…

Building the AT-AT

The legs – one thing about these big walkers you may not realise is the how the legs connect to the body; it is not at the top of the legs but towards the centre of the body, so that is how I have done it. That said, I am going with the spirit of it, my model does not have the same mechanics as the film prop. Each leg is only physically connected to the body with one Technic pin, with gravity doing the rest. This is one of a few factors that imparts that animalistic feel, it allows you to set up the model a little off grid and adds character.

The body – my model uses panels not entirely differently to LEGO sets, although I have used mostly bricks rather than plates and focused on keeping the gaps to a minimum and maintaining accurate angles.

The neck – the head is attached using a Technic fixed angled connection. Round plates with a hole through the middle are the bit you actually see, but these are just window dressing and do not hold any weight.

The feet – at the very bottom of the feet I have used the new 1×1 bricks with studs on two sides to give the shape and leave room for the toe hinges. The ankle joints do not have a direct attachment to the feet, neck brackets clasp around arch bricks to allow some movement.

LEGO_Star_Wars_The_Last_Jedi_AT-AT (1)

This set was provided for this feature by the LEGO Group.

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