The LEGO Technic ‘Sense of Perfection’ book is already out of stock

A hefty price tag hasn’t put buyers off picking up the re-released LEGO Technic book ‘The Sense of Perfection’ as it goes out of stock within days.

When this year’s Technic uber-set, 42143 Ferrari Daytona SP3 was released, a limited-to-5,000-copies book was released alongside. Even at £69.99 the book sold out in a matter of hours and – as is the way with these things – it started to appear on auction sites at a ridiculously inflated price.

It was a shame, as it’s a very good book indeed, looking, as it does, at the design processes at both Ferrari and the LEGO Group. Understandably, it’s skewed fairly heavily in favour of the LEGO model, but there’s enough to keep the supercar enthusiast interested too.

Then out of the blue, the LEGO Group announced that it was re-releasing the book, in a not-limited, not-numbered and not-coming-in-a-fancy-slipcase version. And in what may be a first for the Billund accountants, the new version was cheaper than the original, at ‘just’ £54.99 / $59.99 / €59.99.


Clearly there were enough people who bought the Technic Ferrari, or just had an interest in getting an insight into the LEGO design process that the book started selling, fast, and now, within three or four days of it going on sale, it’s out of stock.

However, there’s a difference between ‘Out of Stock’ and ‘Sold Out’, so there’s a good chance that if you wanted to pick up a copy, then you’ll have another opportunity before too long. There’s no telling exactly when it might reappear though, so if you were hoping to pick it up for the Technic fan in your life as a Christmas present, then we suggest you keep an eagle eye on the LEGO website.

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