The Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars review

Eight years after DK published the first LEGO Star Wars hardback, The Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars continues the series. What does the latest Star Wars release add to the LEGO library?

Author: David Fentiman Publisher: DK RRP: £9.99 Available: Now

The Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars has recently been released by DK, the publisher of official LEGO reference books. This volume is a breezy look at the Star Wars saga, illustrated with LEGO sets and minifigures, with facts and information.


There is a huge focus on characters, and therefore minifigures, throughout the book – although vehicles are represented too. Most of the images are recognisable as official LEGO product imagery that is used elsewhere. Each page features large images with a few facts, and the odd speech bubble from the characters.

The fold-out poster is nice and clear, featuring 75105 Millennium Falcon. This is a nice inclusion for children as there is no minifigure with this release, but it won’t have much appeal for AFOLs who – if they do go in for prints and posters – will have more attractive designs in their collections already.


This is clearly pitched at younger readers, focussing on larger imagery and minimal text – there are gimmicks such as fold out pages, which will probably be enjoyed by the target readers. The drawback is that this means the page count barely touches 50.

It is certainly different to the Visual Dictionary volumes, or the Character Encyclopaedias, which while predominantly for children were also decent reference guides for adult fans. The Amazing Book of LEGO Star Wars is likely to have much less appeal to those fans, who should only pick this up to complete the bookshelf or if it is on a really good deal. For the target audience of young children, it’s well worth a look, with clear images and accessible text.

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