The BrickLink Designer Program is representing an endangered species

Brick Fanatics explores another of the BrickLink Designer Program projects in the first round, this time depicting a critically endangered species.

There are just over 200 Kakapo left in the wild, meaning this nocturnal floor-dwelling found exclusively in New Zealand is on the brink of extinction. However, one builder saw fit to raise awareness for the bird with a themed LEGO Ideas project – though unfortunately it never made it as an official set.

Thanks to the BrickLink Designer Program the LEGO Kakapo has a second chance at landing into your home and making more people aware of the Parrot’s perilous status. Hayden Pye has brought the bird to life with bricks in the second version of the model, with more detail and pieces than ever before. But it’s up to builders to see that it becomes an official LEGO set this time around.

A designer video has been released for the LEGO Kakapo, with Hayden on hand to explain the current status of the species and what you can expect to see if you choose to pre-order the model. 1,000 pieces are used in the build, which is largely intended for display but does include several features such as moving wings and tailfeathers.

Another unique aspect of the Kakapo creation is the intended customisation provided in the kit. Inside the box you’ll be able to find enough pieces to construct an additional top hat and party hat, outfitting your LEGO bird for any occasion.

This model is one of eight in the first crowdfunding round of the BrickLink Designer Program, which contains other notable builds for fans of the medieval era and science too. Whilst all are being given a second chance at becoming real LEGO sets, only the first five to receive a minimum of 3,000 pre-orders will be made into official models and released to builders.

Phase one of the BrickLink Designer Program begins July 1 at 4pm UK time and stay tuned as we update you on the rest of the projects you’ll see in the first round.

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