The curious adventures of the LEGO husky dog

The LEGO husky dog is a faithful friend to minifigures that in the LEGO world has apparently existed just about everywhere, so Brick Fanatics is recounting the adventurous appearances of the pooch. 

When introduced in 2014, the LEGO husky was the earliest canine produced by the LEGO Group for the standard System that introduced a new, breed-specific piece. In fact, it was the third minifigure-sized LEGO dog behind the German Shepherd and Dalmation.

This particular pooch has been making the rounds throughout various LEGO themes over the past seven years, including LEGO Ideas with the recent 21325 Medieval Blacksmith. Who knew that huskies were wandering the world in days of yore, at least according to the LEGO Group? Despite this, the dog has appeared in even more curious places such as these five examples.

5 – In the Arctic 

60036 lego city husky

What better place to start this list than the coldest region on the planet? The arctic subtheme of LEGO CITY in 2014 was the very first appearance of this new piece and featured in five sets. From pulling sledges to warding off polar bears, the LEGO husky was on hand to help the arctic explorers investigate the ice. 

Thankfully, with the new husky piece spread throughout the sets, it wasn’t hard for dog-lovers to get their hands on it as it featured in some of the more affordable sets such as 60191 Arctic Exploration Team as well as larger ones like 60062 Arctic Icebreaker.

4 – In education 

45401 LEGO Education husky

LEGO Education is the second top appearance of the husky where it can be seen alongside minifigures in both 45022 community minifigure set and the more recent 45401 BricQ Motion Essential, the latter of which was just made available to those outside of teaching careers

In 45401 BricQ Motion Essential, the LEGO dog helps teach children about physical science within the context of sports, perhaps with a frisbee throw or dog show. This set also marks a rare appearance of the LEGO husky alongside the German Shepherd piece. 

3 – In advent calendars 

LEGO CITY advent husky

LEGO advent calendars prove year after year that they are a popular way to count down to Christmas with a selection of 24 miniature builds and minifigures. Given the snowy nature of the holidays, it’s probably not surprising to hear that the hound has appeared in four LEGO CITY advent calendars. 

The husky’s activities in these calendars are evenly split with both 2018 and 2015 seeing the dog tuck into some chicken or a bone. Meanwhile, in 2016 and 2019 the canine is tasked with pulling Santa’s sleigh, a tough task but hopefully one the hard-working husky can handle.

2 – In the battle for NINJAGO 


The husky piece has even played its part in saving the world of NINJAGO. In the Possession wave, the dog can be found in 70734 Master Wu Dragon wielding a crossbow against some ghosts. In this set, this specific hound was labelled as Master Wu’s pet but never made an appearance in the TV show. 

Apparently, the LEGO designers hadn’t forgotten this doggy detail though and included the very same husky in 71741 NINJAGO City Gardens to celebrate the 10th anniversary of NINJAGO. Now we just have to wait and see if the brick can finally make its television debut. 

1 – In the middle ages 

LEGO blacksmith husky

The LEGO Group either has a slight misunderstanding of animals in the middle ages, or the world of LEGO Castle simply tamed huskies some 400 years before the real world. The latest LEGO Ideas set, 21325 Medieval Blacksmith, marks the most recent occurrence of the husky piece as the canine companion to the blacksmith and archer minifigures.

The set provides one of the most comfortable homes for the dog yet, with the cosy interior of the shop beating the metallic research bases of the Arctic. However, it’s still quite strange to see this breed of dog feature in a set where the timeframe is far before that of the tamed animal. Interestingly one animal that wasn’t included in the model was the LEGO goat, despite being a seemingly perfect fit for the era.

This might be the end of the LEGO husky dog’s adventures for now but no doubt they’ll continue to appear alongside the rest of the LEGO Group’s canine companions, whether it’s for saving the world or just being a friend. 

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