The Great LEGO Race VR Coaster preview in Florida

LEGOLAND is previewing the Great LEGO Race VR Coaster, a new for 2018 attraction, at a theme park ride expo in Orlando, Florida.

Appropriately, Orlando, Florida is home to the annual IAAPA Attractions Expo that sees theme parks show off new rides and the companies behind the scenes present new technology. Merlin Entertainments is showcasing The Great LEGO Race VR Coaster at the event, ahead of the attraction’s roll out next year.

Blooloop lists the LEGOLAND destinations that will be getting the new ride:

The Great LEGO Race VR Coaster is set to open on November 22, initially at LEGOLAND Malaysia Resort. This will be followed by openings in spring 2018 at LEGOLAND Florida Resort and Germany’s LEGOLAND Deutschland Resort.

The current Project X rollercoasters at the theme parks will be getting upgraded to the Great LEGO Race VR Coaster ride, using popular Collectible Minifigure characters including Pharoah, Surfer Girl and Pirate Captain. The coaster cars will become race vehicles, with whimsical LEGO humour offering an espresso fuelled scooter and a rocket powered surfboard.


The article at Blooloop offers more detail on the virtual reality component:

Guests wear VR headsets and experience the full-on action from every feasible direction – upwards, downwards, forwards, backwards – and everything in between. The environment is all made of LEGO bricks. Germany’s VR Coaster’s patented technology syncs virtual visuals created by UK Figment Productions with Mack Rides’ roller coaster’s twists, turns, drops and climbs. It is expected to create a wild ride full of thrills, spills, surprises and humour.

If anyone is attending the IAAPA event, the previews will be taking place on November 15 from 10:30am to 2pm at Booth #2272 (VR Coaster) within Booth #2269 (Mack Rides). For everyone else, it will be a case of waiting until next year to check out this innovative new attraction.


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