The LEGO Architecture Idea Book review

Will builders benefit from the tips and techniques in The LEGO Architecture Idea Book?

Author: Alice Finch  Publisher: No Starch Press  RRP: £20.99  Available: Now

For those looking to construct buildings using LEGO bricks, The LEGO Architecture Idea Book serves as a very handy guide to doing just that. Offering a huge range of tips and techniques to create all manner of different buildings, it will be handy for a novice or more experiences builder.

Nothing in this book is brushed over – simple techniques are explained, with more complex versions then introduced. Take the very opening spreads on brick walls as an example – here are a selection of different ways that builders can look at their bricks. The following pages then develop these ideas, demonstrating how to decorate walls, weather them and crumble them.

The LEGO Architecture Idea Book

Things go way beyond walls, with windows, doors, columns, towers, roofs and decorations all covered. Each of these different tutorials can be combined to construct full buildings, with occasional model images demonstrating how this might be achieved.

One drawback to this volume is that there are only a handful of contextual images, so while it is useful to see lots of individual windows and wall sections, it could have been even more so by demonstrating how some of these could be used in context.

The images and techniques on display in The LEGO Architecture Idea Book are clear throughout, and for anyone looking to build large scale buildings using LEGO pieces, this is definitely worth picking up – it is hard to imagine how it would not enhance a model thanks to the variety of ideas and tips contained within.

This book was provided for review by No Starch Press.

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