The LEGO Batman Movie #5 at US box office

Having been on release for over a month, The LEGO Batman Movie is now sitting in fifth place at the US domestic box office with a current total of $158,818,072.

The box office is now dominated by two other characters who have appeared in LEGO form – Kong: Skull Island sits at the number one spot, the titular character of course appearing in The LEGO Batman Movie as part of the Joker’s unleashing of super villains from the Phantom Zone, and Logan has slipped to the second position, the main character better known as Wolverine has appeared multiple times in the Marvel Super Heroes range.

The LEGO Batman Movie is the only animated release in the top ten according to the figures, reported on ABC News.

The LEGO Batman Movie is now on general release. The LEGO Batman Movie range of LEGO sets are currently available to buy at



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