THE LEGO MOVIE World coming to LEGOLAND Billund next year

LEGOLAND Billund has announced that the original LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at theme park will be introducing THE LEGO Buy at Buy at Buy at Buy at MOVIE World.

THE LEGO MOVIE World, which recently opened at the LEGOLAND Florida Resort, will be opening at LEGOLAND Billund, Denmark, in 2020. The new area will include Scandanavia’s first flying theatre. It represents the biggest investment in the theme park so far.

“We are very pleased to have another new land and three new rides here in LEGOLAND. It will be a unique and thoroughly exhilarating experience, and our guests will no doubt feel that they are entering the amazing universe they know from the LEGO films,” said Christian Woller, director of LEGOLAND.

A flying theatre attraction will see guests watching a huge 180 degree screen as they have the sensation of flying through the worlds of The LEGO Movie. “It is always exciting when we get a new type of ride. The large screen and the movements make you feel like flying in the movie,” Christian added.

LEGOLAND Billund LEGO Movie World flying ride

A new Unikitty drop tower ride will see guests raised 12 metres above the ground before being dropped at various speeds, before finding themselves back on the ground. Another unnamed attraction will see bigger children able to control their own aircraft, deciding how much the 14 metre high vehicle should rotate.

Final names for the attractions will be announced later, but a Double Decker Sofa photo-op promises to be a crowd pleaser.

“THE LEGO MOVIE World will get a really good mix of something for the whole family. So there is no doubt that we are very excited to be able to add another great area to the LEGOLAND Billund experience,” Christian concluded.

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