The LEGO Movie World now visible at LEGOLAND Billund

Delayed until next year, visitors to LEGOLAND Billund can glimpse the upcoming LEGO Movie World.

Back in May, it was announced that LEGOLAND Billund Resort would be reopening, but that The LEGO Movie World, originally intended to open on March 28, will now open in 2021.

Although construction delays as a result of the coronavirus pandemic have delayed the land’s completion, visitors to LEGOLAND are tantalisingly close to the almost completed section of the park. LEGO Design Manager Sam Johnson shared a few snaps on Twitter of the currently empty LEGO Movie World, declaring: “I can’t wait for this to open!… IT LOOKS SO GOOOOOOD!!!”

LEGOLAND Billund Movie World 1

It is due to construction delays that the new land has been delayed:

“The opening of The LEGO MOVIE World is postponed to 2021 as our foreign contractors have not been in a position to complete the rides. We do not know when it will be possible for them, and with the work that remains to be done, along with the subsequent security clearance procedures and the required training, it is not a realistic scenario to open the area this year.

“We know that you were looking forward to it as much as we were, and we are very sorry that you will have to wait a little longer for this exciting new feature. We promise that everything will be ready for 2021, and we also promise that it will be well worth the wait.”

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