The new and returning pieces in LEGO Avatar’s first set

LEGO Avatar 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls is coming soon, introducing a variety of new elements and bringing back old pieces.

Although it was given a specialised segment at LEGO CON, you’d be forgiven for temporarily overlooking the announcement of LEGO Avatar following the event in favour of other notable reveals from 10305 Lion Knights’ Castle to 76218 Sanctum Sanctorum.

However, 75574 Toruk Makto & Tree of Souls includes several fresh and familiar bricks that are used to depict the unique wildlife and inhabitants of Pandora, and here are a few of them:

New and returning Na’vi minifigure elements

The new Na’vi minifigures, also known as the blue humanoids of Pandora, use an almost entirely different design from a standard minifigure. The first notable inclusion is the long arms and legs, which have been repurposed from the old Woody minifigure design from the first Toy Story sets. In the films, Na’vi are much taller than humans, hence why this extra height was necessary.

On top of that, they make use of a new head element to represent their elongated face and pointed ears as well as two hair pieces to differentiate the characters further, while still allowing their hair to play an important role with another element.

The Toruk head

lego 75574

The Toruk, also known as a Great Leonopteryx, has a similar overall design to the dragons of LEGO NINJAGO, using foil wings and elements that the mythical creatures have been seen to feature in the original theme.

However, what sets it apart from the dragons of NINJAGO is a new moulded head depicting the angled look with two bright blue fins sticking out from the top and bottom. The head is likely to be two new pieces as it can open to reveal a set of jagged teeth.

The Direhorse

LEGO 75574 horse Avatar

Horses are nothing new to the LEGO Group, though have received a redesign relatively recently introducing more curves to the creatures. Pandora’s version of this animal isn’t exactly the same though, explaining why a brand new element was needed for the bright blue Direhorse.

This fresh brick features two legs at the back and four at the front, slits in the piece to represent the features of the animal, two long, thin antennae on either side of the head and a scale-like mine protruding from its head and body. Like the standard LEGO horse, it too features a removable section for seating minifigures.

A Na’vi to creature connector

75574 alt5 1

The new hair bricks used for the Na’vi minifigures all features a bar connection at the bottom, pointed down. This is to replicate the neural whips from the films that allow the Na’vi to connect closely with the wildlife of Pandora.

The antennae featured on both the Toruk and the Direhorse can bend and slot onto this bar connection, joining the minifigure and creature together as one.

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  • 27/06/2022 at 22:36

    Nope. No. Kill it with fire. Long legs, noses? There’s too much ugly stuff here. The tree is probably the nicest build here. This line shouldn’t exist.


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