This LEGO mechanism makes the film-scanning process a snap

Analogue photographers can get a helping hand with scanning their film thanks to this automated LEGO and Raspberry Pi film scanner.

An innovative photographer has automated the film-scanning process using a collection of LEGO bricks combined with some photography equipment. The mechanism has been shown off in a video, with the process being entirely automated.

The mechanism uses a LEGO frame to move the film past the field of view of a camera. A Raspberry Pi then uses machine learning to detect the frame boundaries and decide when a photo should be taken. The next piece of film is then moved into view.

The LEGO bricks aren’t just used as a frame, but collect the film at one side, rolling it up with a system of Technic gears. BenjBez has also created a piece of software called RoboScan to control the automated process from a digital interface.

LEGO and photography go hand-in-hand but this project is a unique way to combine both hobbies in the post-photography process. The device looks to make one of the more annoying parts of analogue photography a lot simpler.

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