To the surprise of no-one, the fifth VIP collectible coin is already on eBay

Hands up who saw this one coming: the fifth and final LEGO VIP collectible coin is already on eBay, and selling surprisingly well despite a promised restock later this year.

The LEGO Group has committed to bringing back the full suite of collectible coins – including the Castle, Space, Octan and Pirates-themed tokens – somewhere down the line, although details are hazy at the moment. But that hasn’t stopped some of the lucky few VIP members who picked up yesterday’s final coin from cashing in on the aftermarket – and they’re still fetching a decent amount.

While the gold coins that have sold through eBay so far haven’t quite hit the heights of the Classic Space coin – which sold for as much as £99 back in April – they’re still turning a profit against the roughly £12 in VIP points they cost to acquire. Most ‘buy it now’ listings have hovered around the £50-55 mark, though some in the US have gone for as much as £78.

LEGO VIP gold coin eBay

Current listings range from £50 through a more ambitious £99, while a couple of more patient sellers are auctioning off the entire collection (including the display case) for the eye-watering sum of £400-500. If you’re desperate to get your hands on the full set, that’s certainly an option, although you may be better off just playing the waiting game.

We don’t yet know when all five coins will return to, nor whether quantities will be any higher next time round, but we’ll keep you updated as we learn more.

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