Touring a massive LEGO collection

While many LEGO fans have impressive, sizable collections, few have the space to lay it out in an appealing way – and as this video shows, when cabinets and shelf space are available, a LEGO collection can look very, very impressive.

There are many different ways to display LEGO collections, with fans often opting for a rotating display due to a lack of space. Even those lucky enough to have a full on LEGO room or two will struggle to fit the dozens and dozens of sets that mysteriously arrive from As for creative builders, they also need a space for extensive parts collections.

Brick Vault is a YouTube channel that focuses on original fan creations while also delving into collecting official products, and as would be expected, the duo behind the channel have one impressive set up. With enormous dioramas built from LEGO bricks, fan designs from some of the world’s best builders and hundreds of minifigures, Charlie’s tour shows just what can be done when there is space to display a collection.

The tour starts in earnest around the 3 minutes 16 second mark.

To see more from Brick Vault, check them out on YouTube and subscribe to the channel.

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