Triangular holes ensure LEGO FORMA skins can be changed easily

In the latest update for LEGO FORMA early adopters, the team behind the sets has shared more about the holes in the skins.

FORMA is the upcoming LEGO product that some fans have already ordered through Indiegogo, due to launch in 2019. A central frame is built, then one of several fishy skins can be added to complete the model. One aspect of the design that the team has taken into account is the holes that the skins use to connect to the frame, which has been explained in the latest update for backers.

Here is the explanation of how the holes have been designed:

An important aspect of the LEGO FORMA experience is customization and rebuilding. Therefore, we wanted to ensure that the holes for attaching the connector element to the skin are designed in a way that prevent the material from being damaged when you change the skin.

We designed the hole as a triangle, so the material can easily stretch when the connector element is attached. Also, the triangle is just the right size, so the connector element stays centered.


The LEGO Group, as promised, is paying attention to detail when explaining the development process and keeping things transparent for fans.

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