Two new LEGO Minecraft sets revealed for 2021

A consumer catalogue has revealed two brand new LEGO Minecraft sets coming in 2021, including one based on Minecraft Earth.

The New Zealand retail catalogue has given us our first look at 21168 The Warped Forest and 21169 The First Adventure. Both sets continue the long-running theme’s blocky aesthetic, while also introducing new brick-built characters like a Hoglin and Moobloom.

More interestingly, 21169 The First Adventure is seemingly based on Minecraft Earth, the augmented reality spin-off game that launched globally in December 2019. Billed asMinecraft’s answer to Pokemon Go’, Minecraft Earth combines the real and virtual worlds, much like LEGO Hidden Side. You probably wouldn’t know that just from looking at 21169, though.

LEGO Minecraft 2021 catalogue

Three new LEGO Minecraft sets recently launched at, including 21165 The Bee Farm, 21166 The “Abandoned” Mine and 21167 The Trading Post. You can order all those right now, but you’ll need to wait until March to buy 21168 The Warped Forest and 21169 The First Adventure. That’s according to the New Zealand catalogue, anyway – they may yet launch earlier in other regions. We’ll keep you updated.

The same catalogue has also revealed brand new LEGO Friends, Creator 3-in-1 and NINJAGO sets coming in 2021.

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