WATCH: LEGO Black Panther bust is fit for a king (but not for anyone else)

Taking many people by surprise, the new LEGO 76215 Black Panther bust is the set you don’t need, but really, really want.

There have been several LEGO helmets before. Most were based around iconic Star Wars designs, but a couple of years ago, the LEGO Group dipped a toe into the Marvel pond with 76165 Iron Man Helmet. Now, with the new 76215 Black Panther bust, they’ve stepped up a gear.

Take a look at the new, so-black-that-Batman-will-be-jealous, set that’s just been announced with our video preview. How many pieces?  How much does it cost? Have they printed the name plate this time? All this – and more – will be revealed. Just click on the link below.

On the move and prefer a mobile-friendly video format? Just click the link below for all that Black Panther goodness in a neatly packaged TikTok. Are we good to you or what?



LEGO Black Panther is fit for a king (but not for anyone else)

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