WATCH: The convoluted origin of LEGO BIONICLE

Eyes forward, class: it’s time for a one-minute LEGO history lesson, during which we’ll bring you up to speed on the origins behind the latest LEGO gift-with-purchase.

40581 BIONICLE Tahu & Takua will be available with qualifying purchases from January 27 (although exactly which purchases has yet to be confirmed), which is good news for anyone who grew up smashing their collection of constraction figures together while the normal LEGO lay forgotten in the corner. But if the age of BIONICLE bypassed you altogether, you might be left scratching your head at these two new mechs.

Never fear: that’s where Brick Fanatics comes in. We’ve got everything you need to know about BIONICLE, all squeezed down into a one-minute video. (We remember our history lessons at school, and a one-minute version would have been way better.) Hit play on the clip below to get your course credit*, then subscribe to our YouTube channel to see more like this.

Those with 60-second attention spans (no judgement here, trust us) will also be well-served over on TikTok. Which is sort of the point of TikTok, isn’t it?


The convoluted origin of LEGO BIONICLE

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40581 BIONICLE Tahu & Takua will be available from January 27 at and in LEGO Stores, with orders above £90 / $100 / €100. Themes included in that deal are still to be confirmed.

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