Where will the Toys R Us exclusive LEGO Jurassic World set go?

As the future of Toys R Us in both the USA and UK looks to be a short one, it is likely to affect where certain exclusive LEGO products end up over the next 18 months.

LEGO collectors know that certain retailers receive exclusive sets each year, with Toys R Us usually having a few across core themes. One such product that has been rumoured to be coming to Toys R Us is an exclusive Jurassic World set, including a Tyrannosaurus Rex and buildable transport that it can be detained in.

While there will be no doubt be further exclusive sets planned this year, this Jurassic World set was expected to launch in April, which is only a few weeks away. That suggests that a deal will have to be struck with a different retailer to carry the stock, if the fate of Toys R Us is as expected. It may even turn out that the set is sold at a discount in order to move the product quickly, with the saving potentially passed on to the consumer.


Further sets throughout the year, that would have been expected to be exclusive to Toys R Us, will likely be found at other retail chains. The planning for such products take between 18 months and two years, so the impact will continue for some time, with the possibility that some sets may be cancelled altogether.

Jurassic World is due for release in the UK on June 8, 2018 and in the USA on June 22, 2018. The LEGO sets based on the film are expected to launch April 2018.


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